Contaminated soil

We will use a variety of treatments to deal with contaminated soil in our processing plant. Any contaminants are removed and processed and the recovered, cleaned soil can be returned to your site for re-use or reprocessing.

Acid / alkali neutralisation

We can neutralise a full range of acids and acidic compounds using sealed reaction vessels that also safely scrub away any resulting gases.

Physio chemical treatment

Environmental legislation negates the disposal of liquid waste to landfill and there is a need to treat aqueous waste to ensure that the recovered water element can be returned to the aquatic environment. have a state-of-the-art treatment plant designed to process aqueous waste which provides neutralisation reactions for acids and alkalis, reduction reactions for chromic… Read more »

Hazardous waste treatment and recycling

Commercial Waste treatment and recycling

Laboratory waste collections

If you don’t produce waste in high volumes, it may not be economical to employ personnel and facilities to deal with your waste streams. We can provide a full service that will manage the analysis, classification, packaging, labelling, transportation and treatment of your waste. To help you comply with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Classification,… Read more »

Blocked drain clearance

Drains can become blocked for all kinds of reasons: silt, foreign objects , leaves or other debris or materials poured down drains for disposal can all result in a blockage. There might also be structural reasons why your drains are not effective, such as subsidence or root intrusion. Blocked drains result in overflows and flooding,… Read more »

Liquid waste removal and transportation

We have long experience of managing liquid waste of all kinds. We operate an extensive fleet of vacuum and road tankers of varying capacities and capabilities, including vacuum tankers with capacities from 2000-7000 gallons. We can remove and transport a wide range of bulk wastes, including acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents and effluent… Read more »